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Mechanical machining for energy division components.
Gas turbines – Steam turbines – Centrifugal and reciprocating compressors – Hydro turbines, kaplan Francis Pelton.
Welding compositions for mechanical carpentry.
Engineering planning and realization capacity of all the parts listed above.

– Department of manufacturing of impellers for compressors with full milling technology.
CPS has a technology for the manufacturing of three-dimensional impellers from monolithic structure. Over the last years, there was the need to make better performing machinery which use this product, so CPS in synergy with its potential customers have created a working department for full milling impellers of 12 boring machines with 5 axles with working capacity of 400-1,800 mm diameter.
– Department of manufacturing of impellers for compressors with EDM technology.
In 2001, CPS developed a study for the machining of impellers for compressors from
monolithic structure with EDM process. Today CPS has a strong technology for the manufacturing of this product. There is a plant existing with 60 EDMs which are able to satisfy machining up to a diameter of 1,000 mm.
– Manufacturing of stator components for energy sector.
CPS is specialized in the machining of components for gas turbines – steam turbines –
hydroelectric turbines – centrifugal compressors – alternative compressors.
This department is furnished with milling-boring machines with working range up to
40,000 mm and vertical lathes up to a diameter of 6,000 mm.
– Machining of rotor shafts for turbines and compressors.
With the help of horizontal lathes of diameter up to 2,500 mm – length up to 15,000 mm
and boring machines equipped with controlled divider, CPS is able to machine any rotor
completing it in each phase, whether with lathing or milling.
– Technical Division and Quality Control
CPS’s Technical Division makes use of modern instruments for simulating designing and
computation for the engineering of the products machined by them.
The programmes used all use 3D technologies. Our quality system is certified according to ISO 9001 and makes use of two metrological stations having three-dimensional measuring machines with 5 axis heads and of all the necessary instruments for the dimensional and visual control of the manufactured pieces.

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